Black Dove is a brilliant mix of bar and boozer, the quirky kind of venue you would love to have as your local. The back bar is impressive and they also have an excellent beer selection, which includes Brooklyn Lager on tap.

Downstairs is a beautiful snug which looks a bit like the Captain’s quarters of a pirate’s galleon had it been decorated by a an exuberant sultan.

The bar staff were excellent too, providing great service and also very happy to talk to us about all things drinks and where to go as our night progressed.

Summary – Black Dove is a proper bartenders hangout. They have enough spirits on the back bar to keep you sipping, and the beers are interesting and well kept. If there’s just a few of you, sit at the bar and get to know the guys. If you are ‘rolling deep’, book the snug and never leave.

— Bar Life UK.


The best ciders in town, cunning cocktail list, beers from all over the globe and friendly staff.  We all had a top night at this top notch bar. Little Creatures Pale Ale and the MC Martini are on my hit list.Music, staff, booze all spot on. Well worth a visit!

— Barcrawl.


This place is my “local”, and I live more than two miles away. Seriously, the Black Dove is a gem. Step inside and you’re transported to a cocktail parlour at the turn of the Twentieth Century. Deep colours, wood accents, heavy curtains, chandeliers, and that’s before you even descend into the sumptuous basement lounge.On certain nights, the Dove has DJs spinning music, and it’s (gasp) actually enjoyable, ranging from speakeasy sounds to new stuff that makes you stop at the booth and ask what’s playing. The staff are knowledgeable, friendly, quite charming, and got the muscle for those cocktail shakers, and those boys are some of my favourite bartenders in town.The bar snacks… well, I’m not allowed to have the pork scratchings anymore, so if you see me reaching for the jar, just slap my hand. There’s a fantastic selection of stuff to please every palate, from salty to sweet to super spicy, all for cheap.And the drinks… Really, if this place was just a hole-in-the-wall with dusty bar stools and surly servers, the drinks selection alone would keep me coming back. The Dove had me at Absinthe. This the only place I know of that will make me a Sazerac, while I sit and dreamily watch the performance. Beyond that, the bar has a Cocktail Bible that you can peruse, and the boys will make you just about anything listed in its scriptures. Also, the bottled ciders collection is astounding, and, believe it, decently priced.Anyway, I’ll stop my rant. It’s clear that I have a crush on the Dove. In other words, yes, it’s worth a visit.

— ‘verushka26’,